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eMOBIQ might have enabled technically and non-technically inclined users to build typical mobile apps and true enterprise-grade mobile apps with faster deployment rates. However, there is one main concern faced by aspiring developers who want to build functional mobile apps fast from the get-go.

What could be that concern? Development bugs and debugging, of course!

So what is the solution? Enter Unified Development Centre® (UDC). The powerful feature offered by eMOBIQ has transformed the mobile app development landscape, simplifying the process of building apps to a remarkable extent. Let’s explore what UDC is and how it greatly enhances the app development experience.

Mobile App Development Made Easy with Unified Development Centre

UDC provides developers with a comprehensive visual experience for building mobile apps. Developers can seamlessly switch between Visual Logic Flow and app page design views, offering a holistic perspective of the app development process. This unified interface gives developers a clear overview of their app’s logic flow and visual design.

Drag-and-Drop App Builder Functionality

As a huge part of UDC, drag-and-drop functionality easily incorporates components, connectors, and functions into their app’s workflow by simply dragging and dropping them. This intuitive approach eliminates the need for hand-written code, making app development accessible to experienced developers and those with limited coding knowledge.

Streamlining App Development with Visual Logic Flow

UDC introduces the concept of Visual Logic Flow, allowing developers to build the app’s logic flow without manual coding. This feature simplifies the development process by visually representing the app’s workflow, making it easier to understand and debug. Developers can visually connect different components and define the logic of their app, streamlining the development process.

Ease of Debugging during the Development Process

With UDC’s Visual Logic Flow, debugging becomes a breeze. Developers can easily identify and rectify issues within the app’s logic flow by visually tracing data flow and actions. The ability to visualise the app’s workflow simplifies the debugging process, saving time and effort for developers.

Time Efficiency with the Best App Development Platform

UDC drastically reduces the time required to build and market an app. With its visual design tools, drag-and-drop functionality, and simplified logic flow, developers can swiftly create app pages, connect components, and define the app’s functionality. The streamlined interface of UDC allows developers to debug, preview, compile, and build the app within the same environment, eliminating the need for switching between different tools and interfaces.

Shortened Time to Market Mobile Apps

By simplifying the app development process, UDC accelerates the time to market for mobile apps. Developers can leverage UDC’s visual design tools and drag-and-drop functionality to create and iterate on app pages and features rapidly. The seamless integration of various development tasks within UDC allows developers to streamline their workflow, ensuring that apps can be deployed and released to the market faster than ever before.

UDC for App Developers: Believe What You Build and See

With its full visual experience, including Visual Logic Flow and app page design views, drag-and-drop functionality, ease of debugging, time efficiency, and shortened time to market, UDC simplifies the app development process tremendously. By leveraging UDC’s intuitive tools and streamlined interface, developers can create high-quality mobile apps with ease and efficiency, enabling them to meet market demands and deliver exceptional user experiences.