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Build React Native Enterprise Mobile Apps with No-Code

#1 No-Code React Native Mobile Apps Development Platform

eMOBIQ Unified Development Centre (UDC) for App Building

App Visual Development

Visual Development with visual developments tools, You can build an app quickly with no codes. Our easy-to-use navigation and interfaces helps you to create workflows and manage contents easily.

Templates and Widgets

With templates and widgets, adding functionalities and editing your mobile user interfaces can be as simple as a drag-and-drop.


Business workflows can be created with drop-down menus and a hierarchical folder structure, other tool components include wizards and a query interface for users to ab search and browse contents.

Beautiful No-Code UX/UI

Build applications once and run them anywhere, without multiple tools and code bases.


Deliver offline apps with local data storage logic and data synchronization. Update dynamically over the air without republishing.

eMOBIQ® Platform

The eMOBIQ® platform is open for integration with other applications. Integrate with your enterprise systems for a seamless workflow.


The eMOBIQ® platform is designed with the intention to integrate with other applications through APIs.


With eMOBIQ®, you can build Cordova or React Native mobile apps, build once and deploy to iOS and Android devices.

The eMOBIQ No-Code App Building Platform

Integrate with SOAP Web Services and REST APls

As a company we are dedicated to the long term success of our customers and their deployment of our solutions. We are proud to be an industry leader in the provision of customised, agile environmental software and mobile solution platforms. Our enterprise mobile solutions are suitable for any industry across the world.

We draw from multiple years of experience and expertise in the ERP industry and have helped partners and customers create customised mobile enterprise applications to help achieve the bottom-line results they are looking for. Our enterprise mobility products can be seamlessly integrated with major ERP systems. As a result, we make your ERP system work much harder for you.

Pre-built Connectors to Major ERPs and Databases

eMOBIQ® integrates natively with several major databases systems: Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX, GP, CRM, Dynamic 365, Zendesk, SAP Business One(B1) with B1if, Sage 300C, SQL and MC Payment, For the above systems, it will be easy to tap the functionalities of your systems. Once a connection is forged, it will be easy to browse the URLs and connections that can help you take your systems’ function to your app.


Native Device Capabilities

Native Device Capabilities

eMOBIQ®​ can support any native device capability and comes with a set of supported plugins in the diagram below.
For custom plug-ins that are not available on the platform, we can easily have them built.

Offline Support

Apps built on eMOBIQ® will store the application’s content on the user’s device for performance and offline access.
The app can run standalone from the server in offline mode. When there is internet access, the application will update itself. Data is stored on device using SQLite as an underlying technology. Even if the user closes the app, restart the device or the devices runs out of power, the data is still captured and stored in device.


Cloud Deployment

Deployment with Cloud

eMOBIQ® is a platform based on cloud technologies at its core and provides enterprise-class cloud computing power for high performance and reliability.

Scalable and Secure

By default, eMOBIQ® cloud is hosted in the secure data centered of Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure is the leading cloud services provider with the most comprehensive compliance coverage (70+compliance offerings), It is also recognized as the most trusted cloud for U.S. government institutions.

Application’s Geographic Availability

Provide applications that span worldwide network of Microsoft -managed datacenters across 42 announced regions

High availability, configuration and disaster recovery

The eMOBIQ® cloud deployment has an availability service level of 99.9%.

App Builder Sociability

Additional servers can be added to increase the availability and computing power of front-end servers and databases.


The platform can also be installed in any other public cloud or private cloud service. Organizations that require full control over data or have compliance requirements can also choose to deploy on-premises or combine the various deployment models to maximis the unique benefits of each model.

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